African Christian Fellowship USA Young Adults

Established in 25 States Across The United States

40 Operating Chapters

Over 1,000 Members

One Body of Christ

“Our aim is the Christ-driven development of young adults into exemplary leaders, professionals, and ambassadors to impact their immediate communities and African nations.”

The ACF Young Adults are a division of ACF-USA, a national Christian organization made up of african diaspora. We are based in Hyattsville, Maryland and have chapters established across 25 states. Our vision as an organization is to provide a thriving Christian community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generation and Africa. Our focus is on reconnecting the diaspora with the continent of Africa, building bridges between organizations that share our common beliefs, building family as well as community, and passing the legacy of our culture and Christian values from generation to generation.

The African Christian Fellowship was established 39 years ago. This ministry's purpose then was to bring unity to the body of Christ across denomination and barriers that divide the chruch today, and to worship and praise God like we did when we were back in Africa. The members back then were mainly students who come to United States for school. As they developed, the ministry developed.

The ACF Young Adults come from every part of the nation and all walks of life, unified in our love for God and in our african heritage. With the love of God planted within our hearts, we are a family in faith, and a thriving Christian community that strives to create a local, national and global impact through ministry in missions, donations, and evangelism.

Now African Christian Fellowship is in 25 states across America with over 1,000 members on fire for Christ. Each region organizes missions to different countries in Africa.