African Christian Fellowship USA Young Adults

George Bassey


GeorgeBassey George Bassey, Jr., (affectionately known as 'Dr. President', or 'Doc Prez') member of the Washington, DC Metro Chapter, is the President of the Young Adult National Executive Board. Prior to leading the National Board, George served as the Director of the East Region Young Adult Executive Board. Currently, George resides in Greenbelt, MD with his wife, Keren, where he works as a Physical Therapist for Physio. Outside of serving in ACF, George enjoys various hobbies, including rapping.

Daniel Fonjungo


DanielFonjungo Daniel A. Fonjungo is a member of the Austin Chapter of African Christian Fellowship in Texas. Currently, Daniel serves as both the Vice President of the National Executive Board of the ACFYA and Vice President of the South Region Executive Board for Young Adults. Prior to serving in his current capacity of leadership, Daniel served as as the President of the Houston Chapter Young Adult Group. He is currently a resident of Austin, TX. Daniel is a Registered Nurse working for senior care facilities; he is also an entrepreneur. Daniel enjoys staying active through participation in team sports, especially basketball.

Samuel Oribamise


SamuelOribamise Samuel Oribamise is a member of the ACF Twin Cities Chapter, where he serves as the Bible Study Coordinator for Young Adults and also serves as the Secretary of the ACFYA National Executive Board. Samuel moved back to Columbia Heights after graduating from the University of Minnesota in Rochester; he currently works as a Technical Analyst for Fairview’s IT department. Samuel’s favorite pastimes include playing chess and watching anime.

Temilade Adedoyin


TemiladeAdedoyinTemilade (Temi) Adedoyin is a member of the ACF Twin Cities Chapter. She currently serves as treasurer of ACFYA Twin Cities as well as Treasurer of the ACFYA National Executive Board. Temi resides in Minneapolis, MN and works as an educator with the Minneapolis Public Schools System. She is also an MA candidate in Secondary Math Instruction at St. Mary’s University, MN. In her free time, she loves volunteering, tutoring, and at the moment, taking swimming lessons.

Oluseun Joaquim

Assistant Treasurer

OluseunJoaquimOluseun Joaquim, an indigene of Lagos, Nigeria and a member of the New Orleans ACF Chapter is a senior at Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana, studying Accounting and Finance. Oluseun currently serves as the Assistant Treasurer of the ACFYA National Executive Board. She is highly passionate about making an impact in areas of education and sustainability and strives to become a global citizen. Oluseun likes traveling and hopes to visit all the continents in a few years. She finds joy in mentoring students and is currently working on founding “MentsPower”, a global online mentoring platform.